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Rainbows to Blackbirds

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

By Michael O'Donnell

7 Oct 2020

I’ve been calling and zooming contacts over the last weeks including some great calls overseas. For some folks, it’s hard not to note despondency and gloom in their voices.

Garvin Burke [click post] of the Film Production Academy describes taking micro-steps towards the pathway of ultimate success. It's up to each of us to lay down a yellow brick road towards our dream. So how do we motivate ourselves along our brick road and push towards that ultimate rainbow. Indeed, to make dreams reality, we first must wake up.

We’ve heard Arlen’s ballad “Over the Rainbow” as children. But what do the lyrics of that song mean to us now as adults?

The retired American pilot Brian Shul described how uplifting the song was to him while recovering from being badly hurt in a jet crash. After weeks in hospital and not being able to eat, the medics were not expecting him to live. On the radio he heard it play:

“I heard the words of that song for the first time. They penetrated my brain sharper than any scalpel they were using on me. … I made a choice, right in that moment. I said I am going to try to eat tomorrow. I had a new attitude. I changed my whole perspective. Isn't it funny how the smallest change in attitude in our lives can affect the greatest part of the rest of our life?”

His micro-steps and passion drove him through a miraculous recovery and retrain as a pilot of the SR71 Blackbird – the fastest, highest-flying jet ever made. [Video]/[Article]

Musical comedian Bill Bailey also speaks of Rainbow ahead of Puccini as being a standout melody for him - about how the octave leap of the melody suggests the possibility of leaping over a rainbow. [Video]

Keep positive. You just need to decide to. What’s your idea of a rainbow? Chin up and look up. They come out BECAUSE it’s been raining.


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