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Through my Interim Resource Solutions position with RSM Ireland, I have introduced Michael to valued clients as a trusted representative of the firm.

Michael is experienced in a wide variety of working environments with an uncanny ability to identify organisational inefficiencies. More importantly, he works to remedy any identified issues, achieving this with great success.

He has an excellent track record of ensuring business leaders are reliably informed with key financial and non-financial information, which equips them to make informed operational and strategic decisions.


For example, Michael was introduced to a global construction-industry consultancy client and managed: (i) treasury management and group cash flow forecasting; (ii) AR/AP & Payroll management; (iii) Project profitability; and (iv) Consolidated Group budget implementation.


Michael was also introduced to a growth-phase IT client as a part-time insourced CFO managing: (i) AR/AP & Payroll Management; and (ii) Cash management and management accounting functions.


I have absolute confidence when introducing Michael to clients.

Karl McLaughlin, RSM

I had the pleasure of working with Michael in Barbados on a 1000Km, 92,000 Homes Passed, Fibre To The Home network.

As Finance Manager, Michael played a key role in the successful delivery of this, circa US$20m, project on time and under budget.

Michael had a small team around him which was responsible for all finance related activity including accounts payable, client invoicing, payroll, and sub-contractor accounts. We had 6 separate sub-contractors and over 60 direct employees being paid weekly and monthly.


Due to the location of the project, Michael was typically working in more than four separate currencies on any given day, the potential for error was immense but never arose thanks to the diligence on our finance team. All sub-contractors were managed in such a way that retetntion and mobilisation costs were recovered without dispute due to very clear communication to all parties.


Under Michael's guidance, this team ensured that the closing out of this cost-plus contract with our client was seamless and strengthened a B2B relationship that continues to this day. Michael has been a pleasure to work with both professionally and personally.

Kevin Synnott, Actavo

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